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B-1208 Hardware Kit

M-0095 Load Tapchanging Control

M-0113A Tapchanger & Regulator Control Tester

M-0124 Surface-Mounting Adapter

M-0174 Adapter Panel

M-0195 Regulator Control

M-0236B Power Transfer Relay

M-0245C Syncrocloser® Check Relay

M-0280A Adapter Panel

M-0286 Adapter Panel

M-0293A Adapter Panel

M-0296C Pride Three-Phase Voltage & Frequency Relay

M-0299 PRIDE Overexcitation Relay

M-0318 Capacitor Control

M-0339 Tapchanger Control

M-0345A Tapchanger Control

M-0355A Adapter Panel

M-0420 PRIDE® Multifunction Relay

M-0430 PRIDE® Multifunction Relay

M-2001 Digital Tapchanger Control for Transformers and Regulators

M-2001B Digital Tapchanger Control for Transformers and Regulators

M-2025C Current Loop Interface Module

M-2032A Battery Charger/Power Supply

M-2067 Adapter Panel

M-2130 Adapter Panel

M-2279B Adapter Panel

M-2279C Adapter Panel

M-2292 Adapter Panel

M-2301B Adapter Panel

M-2501A Capacitor Control

M-2601 Autodaptive® Regulator Controls

M-2602 Autodaptive® Regulator Controls

M-2603 Autodaptive® Regulator Controls

M-2604 Autodaptive® Regulator Control

M-2667 Autodaptive® Tapchanger Control

M-2900 Regulator Control Cabinet

M-2961/M-2962 Tap Position Sensors

M-2963/M-2964 Tap Position Sensors

M-2980 Communicating Capacitor Bank Control

M-2995 Capacitor Control Cabinet

M-3310 Transformer Protection System

M-3311 Transformer Protection System

M-3410 Intertie/Generator Protection Relay

M-3425 Generator Protection System

M-3909 Graphic Display Unit/ Human Machine Interface

M-3919 Graphic Display Unit/ Human Machine Interface

M-5216 Tapchanger Control System

M-5870 Syncrotran® Bus Transfer System

M-6200 Digital Voltage Regulator Control

M-6271 Autodaptive Regulator Tapchanger Control

M-6279 Adapter Panel

M-6280 Capacitor Bank Control 

M-6283 Three Phase Digital Capacitor Bank Control

M-6293 Autodaptive Regulator Tapchanger Control

M-6355 Autodaptive Regulator Tapchanger Control