M-0193B Automatic Synchronizer

The M-0193B Syncrocloser Unit closes the generator breaker at the point of synchronism. It initiates the close command in advance of phase coincidence using breaker closing time and slip frequency. The guaranteed minimum frequency difference for operation is 0.0005 Hz; however, typical units consistently operate with frequency differences of 0.0001 Hz. Adjustable front panel controls are provided for upper and lower voltage, voltage difference (DV) limit and frequency difference (DF) limit. Gen/line, bus and supply voltages are transformer isolated to allow freedom in application. The M-0193B includes the M-0194 Generator Control Unit compatibility feature, and the user-selectable anti-motoring feature.

  • Accurate, independent controls require no additional instrumentation for field setting
  • Various ∆V and ∆F limits available
  • Breaker closing times are field programmable
  • 50 Hz operation available


  • Gen/Line Voltage, nominal 120 V ac, 145 V ac maximum continuous. Will withstand 200 V ac for 1 sec.
  • Bus Voltage, nominal 120 V ac, 145 V ac maximum continuous. Will withstand 200 V ac for 1 sec.
  • Supply Voltage, minimum 100 V ac, maximum 140 V ac.
  • Enable Auto-Sync close.
  • Breaker Closing Time; field programmable from 20 to 800 ms.
  • NOTE: Gen/Line, Bus and Supply voltages are transformer-isolated to allow complete freedom in applications.


  • Gen/Line or Bus: 0.5 VA maximum at 120 V ac
  • Supply: 7 VA maximum at 120 V ac


  • UPPER VOLTAGE LIMIT (either input): 110 to 140 V ac, accuracy 1–1/2% of full scale
  • LOWER VOLTAGE LIMIT (either input): 90 to 120 V ac, accuracy 1–1/2% of full scale
  • ∆V LIMIT (MAXIMUM VOLTAGE DIFFERENCE LIMIT): 1 to 5 V ac, accuracy 5% of full scale. Multiples of this range are available. A ∆V LIMIT of 4 to 20 V ac or lower must be specified if the M-0193B is to be used in conjunction with the M-0194 Generator Control Unit.
  • ∆F LIMIT (Maximum Frequency Difference Limit): 0.05 to 0.5 Hz, accuracy 3% of full scale. An additional range of 0.005 to 0.05 Hz is available.