M‑0194 Generator Control Unit

Please Note: As of 12/31/2022, Beckwith Electric will no longer be manufacturing the M-0194 Generator Control Unit.

  • Beckwith will accept orders for these products until 8/31/2022 and all products ordered must ship before 12/31/2022.
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Works in conjunction with M-0193B Syncrocloser® unit to close breaker at zero degrees phase angle error.

The M-0194 Generator Control Unit matches the generator speed and voltage to system conditions in minimum time with output control jogs that use a proportional pulse width algorithm. The time between control jogs is adjustable to match the response characteristics of the control, prime mover and generator system. The kicker pulse brings phase angle around through zero degrees if speed is matched but synchronism has not yet occurred.

  • Matches Generator Speed And Voltage To System
  • Works In Conjunction With M‑0193B Syncrocloser® Unit To Close Breaker At Zero Degrees Phase Angle Error
  • Adjustable Jog Durations, proportional to error, for Voltage and Speed control.
  • Time Between Jogs adjustments bring the generator to a matched condition in minimum time and eliminate overshoot and hunting.
  • Kicker Pulse brings phase angle around through zero if speed is matched but synchronism has not yet occurred. Adjustable pulse duration compensates for the sensitivity of the governor.