M-2032B Battery Charger/Power Supply

The M‑2032B Battery Charger/Power Supply provides 24 Vdc output to power the low voltage configured M‑7600 series of Beckwith Electric Protection and Control Systems. Also provided is a 13.8 Vdc output which can be used to power radios or other auxiliary equipment. In addition to providing output power, the M‑2032B is capable of charging 24 Vdc batteries when main power is supplied. Included is circuitry to detect a loss of main power and automatically provide backup power from the 24 Vdc batteries ensuring operation is not interrupted.

  • Provides 24 Vdc power to any Beckwith Electric M-7600 Series Protection System or Control configured with Low Voltage power supply
  • Provides 13.8 Vdc Accessory power
  • Accepts AC or DC power input from 105 to 285 Vac (50/60 Hz) or 120 to 285 Vdc
  • Charges a 24 Vdc battery system which upon AC power interruption can be used as temporary power (UPS) supply
  • Transient protected
  • Substation hardened -40° C to +85° C
  • The M-2032B is intended for indoor use or mounted inside a chassis or enclosure only.