M‑2035 Analog to Digital Interface Module

The M‑2035 Interface Module monitors power supplies and battery chargers used in Reclosers that have been retrofitted to operate with Beckwith Electric’s M-7679 R-PAC system. This analog to digital interface measures voltage, current, and current direction which can be monitored with the same S-7600 IPScom communication software used with the recloser control. The interface module can be DIN rail mounted during installation of the M-7679 R-PAC and includes a SATA cable for easy hookup to the Aux I/O port in the recloser control. The module will accept 8 to 30 Vdc power from the existing power supply and batteries. The module features essential indicator lights for battery and communication status plus on-board and remote manual wake-up pushbuttons to restore function after a power failure. Four extra analog to digital inputs are available for voltage measurements up to 30 Vdc. The module is able to periodically test the batteries by briefly disconnecting the charger with a high side switch and switching on a resistive load for five seconds.


  • Designed to interface with the M-7679 R-PAC.
  • Allows the M-7679 R-PAC to monitor third party external power supplies and 12/24 V battery chargers.
  • Provides four 0-30 Vdc Analog inputs. Using S-7600 IPScom communications software, these inputs can be monitored and configured with two level alarm settings per channel, and used in IPSlogic custom configurations.
  • Monitor and test the battery system. Turns off the battery supply to enter sleep mode during power loss.
  • Transient and reverse polarity protected
  • Operates on DC power from 8 to 30 V
  • Substation hardened -40° C to +85° C
  • Conformal coated