M-2220 Adapter Panel

The M-2220 Adapter Panel combines with the M-2001 Series Digital Tapchanger Control to provide convenient, direct mechanical replacement for Reinhausen MK20 control.

M-2220 Differences Relative to the MK20 – Revised connections will be needed if paralleling transformers using the circulating current method with the Reinhausen SKB5 or SKB20 Parallel Control Units (please contact Beckwith Electric Company for further information). The M-2220 provides one normally open contact for the Raise and Lower outputs. The MK20 normally closed contacts for Raise and Lower are not provided on the M-2220.

  • Connects easily to the M-2001 Series Digital Tapchanger Control, using four mounting screws and a 24-pin connector
  • Provides direct mechanical and electrical replacement of the Reinhausen MK20 Control
  • Provides built-in shorting protection when the M-2001 Series Digital Tapchanger Control is removed