M-2279D Adapter Panel

The M‑2279D is an adapter panel which, when combined with the M‑2001 Series Digital Tapchanger Control, provides convenient direct replacement for the following Pennsylvania Transformer and McGraw‑Edison LTC transformer and regulator controls manufactured from 1963–1978: 550, 550A, 550B, 550C, 396B, 494B, 496B, 995 and 996.

  • Connects easily to the M‑2001 Series Digital Tapchanger Control using mounting screws and 24‑pin connector
  • Provides direct mechanical replacement of the old LTC transformer or regulator control using the same four mounting studs, front door brace and locking knob
  • Provides built‑in CT shorting protection when the M‑2001 Series Digital Tapchanger Control is removed
  • Optional SCADA Cutout switch (for use with SCADA enabled M‑2001C controls) allows local blocking of SCADA commands
  • Optional SCAMP™ (SCADA Controlled Auto/Manual Pushbutton) switch replaces AUTO/OFF/MANUAL toggle switch and allows the Auto/Manual state of the adapter panel to be changed by a SCADA command
  • Optional Voltage Reduction switch allows Local Voltage Reduction 1 or 2 to be initiated