M-2979 Control Cabinet

Along with the M-7679 R-PAC, the Beckwith Electric M-2979 Enclosure offers a complete solution
for the replacement of existing Three-Phase or Independent-Phase controls.

The M‑2979 cabinet houses the M‑7679 R-PAC and components, for complete recloser control replacement applications.

  • Provides easy direct replacement of recloser controls for Cooper, G&W, Elastimold, SEL, ABB, Whip & Bourne, Joslyn, and Tavrida reclosers
  • Eliminates the need for expensive rewiring of I/O signals accepting existing connector plugs for Power, Control, Voltages and Currents with the same pin sequence
  • Accepts the existing communications connections for Serial TIA-232, TIA-485, Fiber Optic and IRIG-B
  • Simplifies upgrading communications to optional true embedded Ethernet ports in the M-7679 R-PAC allowing for multi-user, multi-protocol access to the advanced metering, PQ and DFR information collected by the control
  • Includes an on board smart 24 V battery charger with 12 V and 24 V outputs
  • Can be manufactured to include a wide variety of radios, cell modems and other communication units or they can be user installed in the field

The M-2979 includes the capability to change out the Recloser Control and Cabinet as one component. The M‑2979 Recloser Control Cabinet and M-7679 R-PAC combination includes all the required interface connections and external communications capabilities that are necessary to replace an existing recloser control. The M-2979 Recloser Control Cabinet meets or exceeds NEMA 250, IEC 60529 and IEEE C37.60. Each M-2979 Recloser Cabinet can be configured with the optional support equipment to match the existing recloser control application and environment, or the cabinet can be supplied completely empty.


The M‑2979 Control Cabinet houses the M‑7679 R-PAC and components for complete replacement of Three-Phase or Independent-Phase Switch, Sectionalizer, or Recloser Controls. The M-2979 and M-7679 combination includes all the required interface connections and external communication capabilities that are necessary to replace an existing recloser control cabinet.

Click here to learn about compatibility with popular recloser brands.

M-2979 Control Cabinet Accessory Codes

030-00466 DB9 to DB25 – RS-232 Cable Converter

430-00621 RS-232 Radio Com Cable – 6′ length.
(Goes from Control to Radio’s DB9 Port)

430-00622 RS-232 Radio Com Cable – 6′ length, Male to Female, null modem.
(Goes from Control to Radio’s DB9 Port – For Zywan Radio)

430-00623 Ethernet Radio Comm Cable – 6′ length.
(Goes from M-7679 Control to Radio’s RJ45 Port)

B-1497-16/18/20/22 Cannon Connector Locks
(Sizes available are Shell size 16, 18, 20, and 22)

B-1679 2×12 Vdc (9Ahr) Battery

B-1680 2×12 Vdc (12Ahr) Battery

B-1687 Pole Mount Bracket Extension Universal Adapter

B-1746 2×12 Vdc (20Ahr) Battery

B-1687 Pole mount bracket extension universal adapter

M-2032B Battery Charger/Power Supply

N-2979-IDS Intrusion Detection Assembly
(Requires Expanded IO option in control)

N-2979-LTT Door Mounted Folding Laptop Tray