M-3401 Load Shedding Relay

Voltage Collapse Mitigation providing 4-step undervoltage and 4-step underfrequency load shedding functions

  • Undervoltage blocking and negative sequence overvoltage blocking for system faults provides load shedding security
  • Local and remote serial communications (MODBUS Protocol) for monitoring and control functions
  • 5 programmable outputs and 2 programmable inputs

Protective Functions

  • 4-Step Phase undervoltage (27) protection, single-phase and positive sequence
  • 4-Step Phase undervoltage, selectable as single phase or positive sequence responding, with Negative sequence overvoltage and three phase undervoltage supervision
  • Phase overvoltage (59) protection
  • Four-step over/under frequency (81) protection
  • Rate of Change of Frequency (81R) protection
  • IPSlogicTM takes the contact INPUT status and function status and generates OUTPUTS
    by employing (OR, AND, and NOT) boolean Logic and a timer.

Standard Features

  • 5 programmable outputs, 2 programmable inputs, and 1 self-test output
  • Oscillographic recording (COMTRADE file format)
  • Time-stamped sequence of events (SOE) recording for 32 events
  • Metering of Voltage and Frequency
  • One RS-232 port (COM1) on front and one RS-232 or 485 port (COM2) on rear
  • M-3812 IPScom® For Windows™ Communications Software
  • MODBUS protocol
  • Supports both 50 and 60 Hz applications
  • Relay voltage inputs can be directly connected (no VT required) for voltages 480 V ac
  • Continuous Self-Diagnostics

Optional Features

  • M-3801D IPSplot® PLUS Oscillograph Analysis Software
  • Horizontal and Vertical panel mount versions available