M-3425A Comprehensive Generator Relay

Integrated Protection System for Generators of All Sizes.

  • Exceeds IEEE C37.102 and Standard 242 requirements for generator protection
  • Protects generators of any prime mover, grounding and connection type
  • Provides all major protective functions for generator protection including:
    • Out‑of‑Step (78)
    • Split‑Phase Differential (50DT)
    • Under Frequency Time Accumulation (81A)
    • Inadvertent Energizing (50/27)
    • Turn‑to‑Turn Fault (59X)
  • Expanded IPScom® Communications Software provides simple and logical setting and programming, including logic schemes
  • Simple application with Base and Comprehensive protection packages
  • Load encroachment blinders and power swing blocking for system backup protection (21) to enhance security during system abnormal conditions
  • Options:
    • Ethernet Connection
    • Field Ground/Brush Lift‑Off Protection (64F/B)
    • 100% Stator Ground Fault Protection by low frequency injection (64S)
    • Expanded I/O (15 additional Output Contacts and 8 additional Control/Status Inputs)

B-1347 External 20 Hz Generator, Bandpass Filter, and 400:5A CT (64S) Surface or Flush Mount

M-0331 PT Transformer – 240:120 Volt
(Required when 20Hz generator is supplied with 1-phase 220Vac)

M-0423 10′ RS 232 Serial Null-Modem Cable

M-0433 10′ USB to Serial Adapter with RS 232 Serial Null-Modem Cable

M-3904B Remote Monitoring Module

M-3908 Universal Contact Input Adapter

M-3921 Field ground (64F) External Coupler Module

M-3926 25′ Universal Connecting Cable TIA-232/485

M-3933 10′ TIA-232 Serial Modem Cable