M-3520 Intertie Protection Relay

Integrated Protection System for DerR/DG Intertie.

  • Integrated Protection System for DR/DG Intertie
    • Loss of parallel utility operation protections
    • Abnormal power flow protections
    • Comprehensive suite of phase and ground fault backed protections
    • Abnormal operating protections
    • Reconnect and Sync Check functions
  • Microprocessor-based Intertie Protection Relay integrates protection, metering, monitoring and waveform capture
  • Provides 18 base protective relay functions and 3 optional protective functions
  • Local and remote serial communications capabilities, plus IRIG-B interface

Standard Functions

  • Sync check with Phase, ∆V and ∆F with deadline/deadbus options (25)
  • Phase undervoltage (27) protection
  • Neutral over/undervoltage (59G/27G) protection
  • Sensitive dual-setpoint, reverse power detection (32)
  • Sensitive negative-sequence overcurrent protection and alarm (46)
  • Negative sequence voltage (47)
  • Instantaneous overcurrent (50) protection
  • Instantaneous neutral overcurrent (50G) protection
  • Three-phase inverse time overcurrent (51V) with voltage control/voltage restraint
  • Neutral inverse time overcurrent (51G) protection
  • Phase overvoltage (59) protection
  • Peak overvoltage (59I) protection
  • VT fuse-loss detection and blocking (60FL)
  • Directional inverse and definite time phase overcurrent (67)
  • Directional inverse and definite time neutral overcurrent (67N)
  • Reconnect enable (79)
  • Over/Underfrequency (81 O/U)

Optional Functions

  • Dual–zone phase distance protection for phase fault backup (21)
  • Out of Step (78)
  • Rate of change of frequency (81R)

Standard Features

  • Eight programmable outputs and six programmable inputs
  • Oscillograph recording
  • 32-target storage
  • Metering of all measured parameters
  • Three communications ports (two RS-232, one RS-485)
  • Standard 19″ rack-mount design
  • Removable printed circuit board and power supply
  • Both 50 and 60 Hz models available
  • Both 1 and 5 Amp rated CT inputs available
  • M-3822 IPScom® Communications Software
  • IRIG-B time synchronization

Optional Features

  • Redundant power supply
  • M-3915 Target Module
  • M-3931 Human-Machine Interface Module
  • M-3801D IPSplot® PLUS Oscillograph Analysis Software
  • 4-Wire RS-485 Connection

M-0423 10′ Serial Null-Modem Cable

M-0433 10′ USB to Serial Adapter with RS 232 Serial Null-Modem Cable

M-3904B Remote Monitoring Module

M-3908 Universal Contact Input Adapter

M-3915 Target Module

M-3931 Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Module