M-4172 Digital Motor Bus Transfer System

For Low Voltage (LV) Switchgear Applications.

  • Provides Automatic and Manual transfers of motor bus systems on Low Voltage Switchgears in power plants and industrial processing plants to ensure process continuity
  • Automatically selects Fast, In-Phase, Residual Voltage, and Fixed Time motor bus transfers, based on varying system conditions
  • Applicable for one way and bi-directional Manual transfers
  • Can be expanded to accommodate multiple breaker configurations
  • Integrated control, supervisory functions, sequence of events, and oscillograph recording in one device
  • Extensive commissioning tools, including ringdown analysis


M-0423 10′ RS-232 Serial Null-Modem Cable

M-0433 10′ USB to Serial Adapter with RS 232 Serial Null-Modem Cable (DB9 to DB9)

M-3908 Universal Contact Input Adapter

M-3933 10′ RS 232 Serial Modem Cable (straight through DB9 to DB25)