M-5625 Syncrocloser® Digital Synchronizing System

Integrated Synchronizing System™ for Generator and Intertie Synchronizing.

Please Note: As of 12/31/2022, Beckwith Electric will no longer be manufacturing the M-5625 Syncrocloser® Digital Synchronizing System.

  • Beckwith will accept orders for these products until 8/31/2022 and all products ordered must ship before 12/31/2022.
  • Please contact us to request a quote and place orders.


  • Facilitates standardization for generator and system intertie sync check applications
  • Assure safe and accurate connection of a generator to the power network
  • Provides accuracy and independent controls; no additional instrumentation is required for field setting
  • Breaker closing times are field programmable
  • Local and remote serial communications (MODBUS protocol) capability for monitoring and control functions

M-0423 10′ RS-232 Serial Null-Modem Cable

M-0433 10′ USB to Serial Adapter with RS 232 Serial Null-Modem Cable (DB9 to DB9)

M-3933 10′ RS 232 Serial Modem Cable (straight through DB9 to DB25)

M-3908 Universal Contact Input Adapter