M-6280A Digital Capacitor Bank Control

Digital Capacitor Bank Control for Remote Capacitor Automation, Monitoring and Protection

The Beckwith Electric M-6280A Digital Capacitor Bank Control is a complete solution designed for remote capacitor automation, monitoring and protection on utility distribution systems.

  • Maximum Communication Options For Wired or Wireless Networks
  • RS-232, RS 485, & Serial Fiber Optic (ST or V-Pin)
  • Ethernet Over Copper or Fiber Optic @ 10/100 Base-T
  • Embedded Bluetooth®, Class 1 (v2.0), 1Mbps, 128 bit encryption, up to 1/2 mile transmission (with appropriate antenna)
  • Supports DNP3.0 & MODBUS® Protocols
  • Time sync via DNP3.0 Set Time Command
  • No need for battery to back up clock
  • DNP mapping templates to match SCADA historical databases
  • Sequence of Events (SOE) Recording Of Events – Stores 132 events, ms time stamped
  • Oscillography Capture – Selectable 16, 32, or 64 samples per cycle. Captures sags, swells, CBEMA events and sub‑synchronous transients
  • FULL DNP implementation – Including DNP File Transfer, multi-addressing, unsolicited response, source address validation
  • Harmonics Detection, Recording, Protection and Suppression with Current and Voltage Tripping
  • DNP SCADA HeartBeat – Integrity check of communications media and/or Master. Fully programmable
  • TRUE Ethernet – Full 10/100Mbps auto-negotiable concurrent multi-session and multi-protocol support
  • Smart Flash SD Card Slot for Quick Uploading of Configurations, Settings, Firmware Upgrades, and Supports Control Cloning
  • Setpoint Profile Switching (8 Profiles)
  • Cyber Security – Comprehensive cyber security tools to implement NERC CIP requirements, including IPsec and RADIUS server security
  • Data Logging Continuous Recording – Data stored in non-volatile memory requiring no battery backup
  • DNP+Ethernet – Device Discovery using CapTalk


M-2980A Capacitor Control Cabinet

M-2995 Capacitor Control Cabinet with Low Voltage Trip Circuit

Additional Accessories

B-1500 Battery Backup Power

Power Backup Supply:

B-1953 6kV Surge Protection Assembly
For compliance with IEEE C62.41.2 Standard (± 6,000Vpk 3kA)

120V Switch Status Contact for Direct Field Wiring (N-2980A-SSC) with B-1939 Switch Status Converter Module

  • This factory installed accessory adds capacitor bank switch status monitoring and includes the B-1939 Switch Status Converter module. The module converts an external signal voltage of 120 Vac to 10 Vdc output for connection to the control’s 12 Vdc Switch Status inputs.

Communications Field Upgrade Kits:

  • B-6200A-2 RS-232
  • B-6200A-B Bluetooth Module
  • B-6200A-C Ethernet Module RJ-45 10/100 Base-T
  • B-6200A-F Ethernet Module Fiber Optic ST Connector 100 Base-FX

Communications Cables:

  • B-1286: RS-232 Radio Male-to-Male Cable – Length: 30″ – Straight-through from Control to DB9 Port on Radio.
  • B-1397: RS-232 Radio Male-to-Female Cable – Length: 33″ – Straight-through from Control to DB9 Port on Radio (Zywan Radio).
  • Ethernet Radio Cable – Length 36″ – Straight-through from Control to RJ45 Port on Radio.

Intrusion Detection Microswitch Assembly:

  • B-1334: Polycarbonate Cabinet
  • B-1334-1: Lexan Cabinet

B-1399 External Temperature Sensor

Cannon Connector (Includes Main Line Connector, Cable Clamp, and Rubber Brushing):

  • B-1378: 5-Pin Straight Plug, Female Threaded Collar
  • B-1379: 7-Pin Straight Plug, Female Threaded Collar

Cannon Connector Locks (Based on the shell size of the selected cannon for the main interface):

  • B-1497-16: Size 16
  • B-1497-18: Size 18
  • B-1497-20: Size 20
  • B-1497-22: Size 22

B-1382: Cannon Interface Cable Optional Cable Length with Unterminated End.

Junction Cable Assembly (7-Pin Cannon Connector End-to-P1 Socket and Labels End):

  • B-1459-35: 35′ Length
  • B-1459-45: 45′ Length

B-1283: Universal Radio/Modem Bracket with Power Supply Cable

Lightning Protection (With External Antennas):

  • B-1307: DSXL PolyPhaser Lightning Arrestor (700 MHz – 2.7 GHz)
  • B-1308: AL-LSXM PolyPhaser Lightning Arrestor (2 GHz – 6 GHz)