M-7651A D-PAC

Protection, Automation and Control System for Power Distribution Applications.

  • Feeder Protection & Power Quality Metering in One Device
    • Detection of Sags, Swells, Sub‑Synchronous Transients and Harmonics up to the 63rd with calculated THD and TDD
    • Exceeds IEEE 519 PQ Standard
    • Harmonics Alarm and Trip to Prevent Damage to Transformers and Tapchanger Motors, Capacitors, Process Motors and Controls, and Adjustable Speed Drives
    • Trip Solar and Wind when Inverters Produce High Harmonics at Low Power


  • Arc Flash Multimode Point & Loop Fiber Optic and Ultra-Fast Peak Overcurrent Detection


  • Fully Embedded Cyber Security Compliance to IEEE 1686 and NERC CIP V5. Cannot Bypass!


  • Switchgear Breaker Analytics
    • Trip and Close Circuit Integrity Monitoring
    • Breaker Cumulative Energy Wear
    • Breaker Travel and Arc Extinguish Times


  • Advanced Data Collection and Analysis
    • 3,500 Sequence of Event Captures
    • 100 Digital Fault Recordings of up to 480 cycles each with an adjustable sampling rate up to 128 samples per cycle
    • Data Logging Every 5 Minutes for 2 Years
    • One Gigabyte Distributed Data Storage Capability
    • Selective Targeted Recall
    • Advanced Analytic Tools



Mounting Solutions

B-1748 Clear Plastic Splash Guard (full front panel coverage)

B-1919 Arc Flash Duplex Extension cable. Couplers included on one end. 6,10,15 meter lengths available.

B-1920 Arc Flash Point Sensor. 6, 10, 15 meter lengths available.

B-1921 Arc Flash Loop Sensor. Coupler included on one end. 6, 10, 15 meter lengths available.

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