M-7679 R-PAC

Protection, Automation and Control System for Recloser, Switch, Sectionalizer and Advanced Distribution Automation Applications.

  • Fully Embedded Cyber Security – IEEE 1686 and NERC CIP V5. Cannot Bypass!
  • Upgrade the Control Relay with Plug-and-Play Retrofit Chassis Solutions
  • With Setup Wizard, Creating the Settings File is a Breeze
  • Embedded FLISR Advanced Loop Restoration Schemes with Graphic Testing Aids
  • Advanced Flexible Logic Allows Full Virtual Combinational Testing of Complex Schemes
  • Graphic Time Display Verifies Programmed Reclose Sequences and Elements Involved
  • Graphic Testing Aids Show Real-Time Sequence: Trip, Close, Element Status in Progress
  • Power Quality Metering – CBEMA, Harmonics to the 63rd, THD and TDD Alarm and Trip
  • Analytic Tools: 3,500 SOE, 100 DFR, up to 8 seconds, 128 samples/cycle, 2-yr Data Log