M-7679 R-PAC

Protection, Automation and Control System for Recloser, Switch, Sectionalizer and Advanced Distribution Automation Applications.

Fully Embedded Cybersecurity – IEEE 1686 and NERC CIP V5. Cannot Bypass!

Upgrade the Control Relay with Plug-and-Play Retrofit Chassis Solutions

With Setup Wizard, Creating the Settings File is a Breeze

Embedded FLISR Advanced Loop Restoration Schemes with Graphic Testing Aids

Advanced Flexible Logic Allows Full Virtual Combinational Testing of Complex Schemes

Graphic Time Display Verifies Programmed Reclose Sequences and Elements Involved

Graphic Testing Aids Show Real-Time Sequence: Trip, Close, Element Status in Progress

Power Quality Metering – CBEMA, Harmonics to the 63rd, THD and TDD Alarm and Trip

Analytic Tools: 3,500 SOE, 100 DFR, up to 8 seconds, 128 samples/cycle, 2-yr Data Log


Complete Control & Cabinet Replacement
Retrofit for Existing Recloser Cabinets
Original Equipment Manufacturer

M-2979 Control Cabinet

M-2979 Control Cabinet Accessories:

  • N-2979-IDS: Intrusion Detection Assembly (Requires Expanded I/O Option)
  • N-2979-LTT: Door Mounted Folding Laptop Tray
  • B-1900: Cooper NOVA IVS Sensor Board
  • B-1893: External Open/Close/HLT Module
  • 430-00621: 6′ RS-232 Radio Com Cable (From Control to Radio’s DB9 Port)
  • 430-00622: 6′ RS-232 Radio Com Cable (From Control to Radio’s DB9 Port – Zywan Radio)
  • 430-00623: 6′ Ethernet Radio Com Cable (From Control to Radio’s RJ45 Port)
  • 030-00466: DB9 to DB25 RS-232 Cable Converter
  • B-1497: Cannon Connector Locks (Shell Size: 16, 18, 20, and 22)
  • B-1816/B-1817: Security Sleeves for Recloser Cabinet Connectors
  • B-1794: Connector Lock for 42 Pin Recloser Cabinet Connector
  • B-1795: Connector Lock for 24 Pin Recloser Cabinet Connector


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