M-7679 R-PAC

Protection, Automation and Control System for Recloser, Switch, Sectionalizer and Advanced Distribution Automation Applications.

  • Enhance your system protection, operation, automation and fire mitigation strategies. Complete control & cabinet replacement solutions or retrofit select legacy controls with the next generation Beckwith M-7679 R-PAC and a Beckwith Adapter Chassis using your existing reclosers.
  • No custom logic required. Over 30 protection elements and multiple embedded functions for advanced FLISR applications including recloser, sectionalizer, and loop schemes.
  • Sensitive Ground Indicator. Implement downed conductor or high impedance protection schemes.
  • Fully Embedded Cybersecurity. IEEE 1686 Compliant. Multiple features to help you meet NERC CIP V5 including IPSec and RADIUS compatibility. Cannot Bypass!
  • Simple User Interface Tools. Achieving complex setting solutions is quick and easy.
  • Embedded Virtual Monitoring and Diagnostics. Commissioning and troubleshooting is a breeze.
  • Trip Sequence Viewer. View Reclose Sequence Timing and Status in Real-Time.
  • Power Quality Monitoring. CBEMA, Harmonics measuring up to the 63rd, THD/TDD Alarm and Trip.
  • Event Records Quantity. 3,500 Sequence of Events, plus Data Logging of 2+ years.
  • Oscillography Capability. 100 Records of 16, 32, 64, or 128 samples per cycle at up to 8 seconds each.

  • 030-00466: DB9 to DB25 RS-232 Cable Converter
  • 430-00621: 6′ RS-232 Radio Com Cable (From Control to Radio’s DB9 Port)
  • 430-00622: 6′ RS-232 Radio Com Cable (From Control to Radio’s DB9 Port – Zywan Radio)
  • 430-00623: 6′ Ethernet Radio Com Cable (From Control to Radio’s RJ45 Port)
  • B-1497: Cannon Connector Locks (Shell Size: 16, 18, 20, and 22)
  • B-1794: Connector Lock for 42 Pin Recloser Cabinet Connector
  • B-1795: Connector Lock for 24 Pin Recloser Cabinet Connector
  • B-1816/B-1817: Security Sleeves for Recloser Cabinet Connectors
  • B-1893: External Open/Close/HLT Module
  • B-1900: Cooper NOVA IVS Sensor Board
  • M‑2035 Analog to Digital Interface Module
  • M-2979 Control Cabinet
  • N-2979-IDS: Intrusion Detection Assembly (Requires Expanded I/O Option)
  • N-2979-LTT: Door Mounted Folding Laptop Tray