R-PAC Mounting Solutions

There are two ways to retrofit and upgrade your existing recloser control.

  • Beckwith Electric M-2979 Recloser Control Enclosure
    Offers a complete solution for the replacement of existing Three-Phase or Triple-Single recloser controls.

  • Adapter Frame, Kit, or Chassis
    When combined with the M‑7679 Recloser Control, an Adapter Frame, Kit, or Chassis provides convenient direct mechanical and electrical replacement of select older recloser controls in their existing cabinets:

    • Beckwith Electric Adapter Frame: A Beckwith Electric Frame allows for mounting of the M‑7679 Recloser Control in an existing cutout. The frame includes holes that duplicate the mounting studs used to mount the old control.
    • Beckwith Electric Adapter Kit: An adapter kit includes an adapter frame and a specially designed wire harness that facilitates the mounting of the M-7679 into an existing enclosure.
    • Beckwith Electric Adapter Chassis: The Adapter Chassis provides compatible connector sockets that match the pin out of the existing control. Simply unplug control power, input, output and communications connectors and plug into the same locations on the Adapter Chassis allowing for an upgrade to be done in minutes.

Locate your existing relay brand and model number to find the Beckwith Electric adapter chassis or adapter frame you will need for replacement.


ABB PCD 2000 (OVR3)
Adapter Frame: B-1611
Adapter Kit: M-2414

ABB RER620 (GridShield)
Adapter Kit: M-2415



Arteche P500
Adapter Frame: B-1666


Cooper Form 5
Adapter Kit: M-2418
(14 Pin)

Cooper Form 6
Adapter Kit: M-2406
(14 or 19 Pin)



SEL 351P-3/Panacea
Adapter Chassis: M-2411
Adapter Frame: B-1608

SEL 351R-2
Adapter Chassis: M-2410
Adapter Frame: B-1608