Today, many Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) used in Electric Power System Protection and Control Applications incorporate wired and wireless communications, often interfaced with the internet to transport data. This brings serious vulnerability concerns from outside attackers with malicious intent.

Beckwith Electric’s advanced protection and control devices include embedded state of the art cybersecurity features that cannot be bypassed, to prevent malicious attacks and comply with NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Standards requirements and is based on various IEEE, IEC, NERC and NIST standards.



Beckwith Advanced Cybersecurity Features and Solutions

Technical Paper: Enhancing Cybersecurity for Protection and Control IEDs


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  • Local Authentication as defined by the IEEE 1686 Standard
    • Supports a stronger login with complex password generation to make it more difficult for hackers to break into the control.
  • Supports Certificate Based Authentication
    • Use of a digital certificate to identify a user before granting access in coordination with a login.
  • Centralized Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (RADIUS)
    • Username and password management from a centralized location within a network, eliminating the need for managing passwords at thousands of devices.
    • Provides authentication of user credentials and enforces policies that determine what types of activities or resources a user is permitted to access.
    • Includes accounting which logs the activities and resources a user accesses during their session.
  • Data Encryption (IPsec/IKE)
    • Establishes a secure tunnel using IKEv2 (Internet Exchange version 2) by authenticating both the client and the server.
    • Keeps user data confidential when routed through public networks.
  • Cabinet Door Intrusion Detection
    • Real-time reporting of intrusion detection to SCADA systems.
  • Bluetooth Technology that meets NIST Requirements
  • NERC CIP V5 Compliance
    • CIP-001-2a: Sabotage Reporting
    • CIP-002-5.1a: BES Cyber System Categorization
    • CIP-003-5: Security Management Controls
    • CIP-004-5: Personnel and Training
    • CIP-005-5: Electronic Security Perimeter
    • CIP-006-5: Physical Security of BES Critical Assets
    • CIP-007-5: Systems Security Management
    • CIP-008-5: Incident Reporting and Response Planning
    • CIP-009-5: Recovery Plans for Critical Cyber Assets
    • CIP-010-2: Configuration Change Management and Vulnerability Assessments
    • CIP-011-2: Information Protection

Beckwith Electric includes embedded cybersecurity in our Distribution Protection & Control Devices.

By embedded, we mean that the device itself has the encryption in the internal microprocessor. No additional “boxes” or equipment are needed, and this is included in all of the following products as standard with no additional cost for this feature. Some other suppliers have to use external boxes that can be bypassed and potentially hacked. Our products are manufactured, including circuit board assemblies, in the U.S.A.

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