Power Quality


Do power quality issues have a tight grip on you with customer complaints and frequent trips to the field to figure out why?


Break free by utilizing power quality tools already inside the controls on poles outside the substation for capacitor banks, regulators, and reclosers. Tools like a harmonic analyzer, transient recorder, and sag/swell detector.

End the countless trips carrying equipment to the field, hoping to find the right spot to record and analyze power quality data. Advanced Distribution Grid Solutions by Beckwith Electric will save you the trip by providing a recording and letting you know about it before your customer. Oscillography and harmonic analysis will show you what happened, when it happened, and narrow down who caused it, so you can move fast to make corrections before the customer experiences damage or misoperation.

Every Control on Every Pole with a Capacitor Bank, Regulator, or Recloser is a Transient Recorder, PQ Meter, and Harmonic Analyzer if you bought a Beckwith…Capacitor, Regulator, or Recloser Control.


Smart Grid Communications bring it right to your office…before you get that customer complaint!


Pinpoint Power Quality Monitor, geographically dispersed throughout the distribution system. Rapidly:

  • Pinpoint problem source
  • Analyze for correction and mitigation
  • Discover root cause
  • IEEE 446 CBEMA-ITIC Event Recording-Alarm
  • 64 or 128 samples per cycle Sag, Swell, and Sub-Synchronous Transient Capture
  • Harmonics <31st or 63rd, Calculated THD – TDD
  • Recloser: 3,500 SOE, 100 DFR of 480 cycles, 128 samples per cycle, Data Log 2 years
  • Control: 129 SOE, 1 DFR of 341 cycles, 64 samples per cycle, Data Log 451 days
  • Massive Data Storage with Selective Targeted Recall Reduces Communication Burden No Polling for Data, No Dumb Data Dump
  • Fully Embedded Cybersecurity – IEEE 1686 and NERC CIP V5. Cannot Bypass!
  • Ethernet and Bluetooth Access-Office and Truck
  • SD Card for an easy, fast, and safe way to upgrade, and upload/download data and settings to controls. No laptop needed!
  • SD Card can be used as a hard key for access control to the units.


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