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Manage Challenges to Complex Distribution Systems

Beckwith Electric’s Advanced Volt/VAR Optimization Controllers (ADVVOCs) handle the following challenges to complex distribution systems:

  • High/Low Voltage Violation
  • Frequent Tapchanges on LTC Transformers and Voltage Regulators
  • Volatility from Changes in Irradiance or Wind Velocity
  • Frequent Voltage Swings
  • Poor Power Factor

Beckwith Electric’s ADVVOCs offer:

  • Autodetermination: OLTC Controls autonomously determine source strength and select optimal reverse power operating mode.
  • VAR Bias: OLTC Controls autonomously use VAR flow level and direction to ensure voltage changes from reactive power levels are addressed by VAR assets and voltage changes from real power levels are addressed by OLTC assets.
  • Inverse Timing: OLTC Controls employ variable timing to tap quickly at periods of voltage volatility and slowly during steady state conditions.
  • Smart Voltage Reduction: OLTC Controls employ dynamic voltage band edge adjustments on entering and leaving voltage reduction to ensure requested amount for CVR and DER Hosting.

Learn more at the 2020 TechAdvantage:

  • March 1-4, 2020
  • New Orleans, LA
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March 2, 2020