Beckwith Systems Engineering


With over fifty years of utility and industrial experience, Beckwith Systems Engineering (BSE) takes pride in offering high-quality services and solutions to protect your assets. BSE takes projects to successful execution and completion staying on time and within budget.

BSE enhances products and services to our customers by providing solutions that expand our engineered systems. With qualified staff, contract engineers, and certified suppliers, we provide a full range of system solutions to meet the demanding requirements of today’s power providers and users.

BSE combines a broad range of consulting engineering knowledge, multidisciplinary expertise, and the right products for the project to offer quality solutions that are successfully executed.

BSE Services Include:

  • Transformer Load Tap Changer (LTC)
    • Conversion Drawings for Equipment Replacement
    • LTC Control Retrofit
    • Tap Position Monitoring
    • Customized Panels
  • Transformer Paralleling
    • Classic Circulating Current
    • Conversion Drawings to Replace Paralleling Equipment
    • Customized PLC for Complex Bus Configurations
    • Communications Based Peer to Peer (P2P) ΔVar
    • Communications Based Peer to Peer Master Follower
  • Motor Bus Transfer
    • Engineering Design, Review & Settings
    • Factory Acceptance Testing
    • Custom MBT Cabinets and Solutions
  • Protection – Generators, Transformers and Interties
    • Engineering Design, Review & Settings
    • Conversion of Relay Settings
    • Customized Panels and Cabinets
  • Synchronizing
    • Engineering Design, Review & Settings
    • Customized Panels and Cabinets
  • Additional Services for all Beckwith Products
    • Supervision of Installation, Testing & Commissioning
    • Field Surveys
    • Product Training

For your next project, please contact a Beckwith BSE Representative for your consultation.

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