Cybersecurity Solutions

Distribution Protection & Control Devices with Embedded Cybersecurity

M-2406 EZ-Retrofit Adapter Chassis

Upgrade the Eaton Cooper Form 6 Recloser Control with Plug-and-Play Retrofit Adapter Chassis.

2021 Beckwith Seminar

July 26-29, 2021
Clearwater Beach, FL
Power Plant Protection and Distribution Protection & Control

M-7679 R-PAC

Protection, Automation and Control System for Recloser, Switch, Sectionalizer and Advanced Distribution Automation.

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Security and dependability for your most valuable power assets.


Next generation control technology for LTC Transformers, Voltage Regulators, Capacitor Banks, and Reclosers.

Motor Bus Transfer

Avoid motor damage and costly shutdowns by ensuring the orderly transfer of the sources to your motors.

Engineered Solutions for Power System Protection, Automation and Control