M-6200A Digital Voltage Regulator Control

Digital Regulator Control for General Electric, Siemens, Cooper and Howard Regulators.

  • Maximum Communication Options For Wired or Wireless Networks
  • Standard RS-232 or RS-485
  • Optional ST or V-Pin Serial Fiber Optic Port
  • Embedded Bluetooth, Class 1 (v2.0), 1Mbps, 128 bit encryption, up to 1/2 mile transmission
  • Supports DNP3.0, MODBUS and Cooper 2179 Protocols
  • DNP mapping templates to match SCADA historical databases
  • Time sync via DNP3.0 Set Time Command
  • Sequence of Events (SOE) Recording Of Events – Stores 129 events, mSec time-stamped with Graphic Logic Initiate from critical operational factors
  • FULL DNP implementation – Including DNP File Transfer, multi-addressing, unsolicited response, source address validation
  • TRUE Ethernet – Full 10/100Mbps auto-negotiable concurrent multi-session and multi-protocol support
  • DNP+Ethernet – Send/receive DNP configuration files using DNP File Transfer Protocol
  • DNP+Ethernet – Device Discovery using TapTalk
  • SCADA HeartBeat – Integrity check of communications media and/or Master. Fully programmable
  • Manual HeartBeat Timer
  • Quick (10 -15 second) Uploading of Configurations, Settings, Firmware Upgrades
  • Assists in locating harmonics adversely affecting customer processes
  • Helps mitigation measures to determine corrective filter design and location
  • CBEMA Event Recording and Reporting
  • Oscillography Capture – Selectable 16, 32, or 64 samples per cycle. Captures sags, swells, CBEMA events and sub-synchronous transients
  • Cyber Security – Comprehensive cyber security tools to implement NERC CIP requirements, including IPsec and Radius server security
  • Data Logging Continuous Recording – Data stored in non-volatile memory requiring no battery backup
  • Harmonics Detection, Recording, Protection and Suppression
  • Downloading of Event Reports, Oscillography
  • No need for battery to back up clock
  • Smart Flash SD Card Slot
  • Supports Control Cloning


  • Adjustable Bandcenter
  • Adjustable Bandwidth
  • Adjustable VAr Bias
  • Line Drop Compensation, R, X and Z Compensation
  • Time Delay, Definite and Inverse
  • InterTap Time Delay
  • Four Settings Profiles
  • Compare Settings Tool
  • Selectable Outputs, Continuous or Pulsed
  • Reverse Power Operation for Single-Phase Regulator applications
  • Real-Time Metering of measured and calculated parameters
  • Demand Metering with selectable time interval
  • Drag Hands Operation
  • Adjustable Line Overcurrent Tapchange Inhibit
  • Voltage Limits
  • Tap Position Limits
  • Auto Runback (due to overvoltage)
  • Three Independent Voltage Reduction Steps
  • Sequential and Non-Sequential Operation
  • SCADA HeartBeat
  • Manual HeartBeat Timer
  • VT Ratio Correction
  • Tap Position Knowledge by Motor Direct Drive KeepTrack method
  • Operations Counter
  • Resettable Operations Counter
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Tap Position Record
  • Auto/Off/Manual Switch Status
  • A or B Regulator Type Selection
  • User Programmable Alarm/Deadman Contact
  • SCADA Cutout (Local/Remote) switch allows blocking of write commands from COM1, COM2 or Ethernet
  • Control Voltage Input
  • Source Side PT Input
  • Motor Power Input
  • Load Current Input
  • Raise Output
  • Lower Output
  • 20 Character by 2 Row LED backlit LCD Display
  • TapTalk S-6200 Communications Software
  • USB (1.1) Communications Port
  • Motor Current Profiling
  • Up to 30 unique 15 character User Access Codes (Level 1 or Level 2)
  • CBEMA monitoring to detect sags and swells within a range of 90 Vac to 180 Vac, and trigger data collection and alarming functions
  • VAr Bias (Step and Linear Methods)
  • Smart Flash SD Card Slot supporting SD and SDHC SD cards
  • Smart Flash SD Card can be linked to one or multiple controls providing a physical security “Key” which provides User Access Level 2 Access to the control when the SD Card is inserted for settings manipulation
  • Sequence of Events (SOE)
  • Data Logging
  • Oscillography
  • External Inhibit of Auto Tapchange
  • Front Panel LEDs for Out-of-Band Raise, Out-of-Band Lower, Reverse Power Flow Rev Pwr Detected, ALARM in effect, Voltage Reduction V/RED in Effect, CPU OK, Auto Operation Block MANUAL, SCADA Control blocked LOCAL and Com1 TX and RX
  • Voltage Reduction 1 & 2 Inputs (Binary)
  • Neutral Position Detect and Counter
  • Counter Input (Binary)
  • Motor Seal-In Input (Binary)
  • Motor Seal-In Failure Alarm and Block
  • Non-Sequential Input (Binary)
  • COM1, RS-485 (two-wire), RS-232, or Serial Fiber (Specify)
  • Communication Protocols include MODBUS, Secure DNP3.0 (Authentication) and Cooper 2179
  • Control Power Back-Up Input – input (+12 Vdc) for backup of Fiber Optic loop-through communication
  • One set (3) of spare fuses are included
  • Supports Station and Feeder Level DNP addressing in addition to individual addressing for Smart Grid applications
  • One pushbutton access to user configurable Wakeup screen for manual data recording with Smart Flash SD Card saving feature
  • Run Through Neutral, Automatic Reversing Switch swiping
  • Individual Tap Wear Alarm
  • User selectable Tapchanger Type
  • IEEE 1686 Standard Compliant Cyber Security
  • IPsec (Internet Protocol Security)
  • RADIUS Client Capability to manage local and remote access to the control

Optional Features

  • SCAMP (SCADA Controllable Auto/Manual Pushbutton)
  • COM1, Fiber Optic Port (ST or V-pin connectors available with 62.5 and 200 micro fiber supported)
  • COM2, RS-232 Communications Port or Bluetooth* *Bluetooth option is not available in 50 Hz units shipped to locations subject to Radio Equipment Directive RE-D 2014/53/EU. Contact the factory for more information.
  • Ethernet Port is available through a RJ-45 jack (10/100 Base-T) or Fiber Optic through ST connectors (100 Base-Fx). These ports support DNP over TCP/IP and MODBUS over TCP/IP

M-6200 Adapter Kits

B-6200A-2 RS-232 Field Upgrade Kit

B-6200A-B Bluetooth Module Field Upgrade Kit

B-6200A-C Ethernet Module RJ-45 10 / 100 Base-T Field Upgrade Kit

B-6200A-F Ethernet Module Fiber Optic ST Connector 100 Base-FX Field Upgrade Kit

M‑2026 AC‑DC Control Power Backup Supply

M‑2027 Control Power Backup Supply–AC Only

M-2900A Control Cabinet


M-2900A Control Cabinet
New Installations or Retrofit for Cooper, General Electric,
Siemens and Howard Regulators
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