About Beckwith

About Beckwith


Beckwith Electric, founded in 1967, is a premier provider of innovative and high quality products, technical services and solutions that meet the needs of customers involved in the production, transmission, and distribution of electric power.

Beckwith Electric introduced the first solid state tapchanger control in 1968 and was the first to develop the microprocessor based protective relay in 1981. Today, Beckwith Electric has thousands of protection and control units in service worldwide, with a reputation for cutting-edge technology, defined by its customers and refined by Beckwith. This success starts with Beckwith Electric Employees and their commitment to quality in the products.

Beckwith creates solutions that protect power systems around the world. Beckwith’s field-proven smart distribution automation controls for transformers, regulators and capacitor banks incorporate unique control strategies, advanced microprocessor architecture and cybersecurity compliant communications. Power systems protection solutions include generator, transformer, feeder, recloser and distributed energy resources (DERs). Additionally, Beckwith’s fast motor bus transfer systems at power plants and process industries transfer motor bus from a faulty source to an alternate source to preventing motor damage while preserving the process continuity.

Beckwith is the leading provider of innovative solutions for Smart Grid Volt/VAr Optimization (VVO) and Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR). The capacitor controls and regulator/LTC controls designed by Beckwith Electric incorporate advanced features to enable maximum benefits to be derived from an Integrated Volt/Var Management (IVVM) system. When distribution system is experiencing high penetration of DERs, features such as Smart Voltage Reduction and Smart Reverse Power can be applied to operate properly as stand-alone controls with no communications, or as a critical part of an overall centralized IVVM system with extensive communications.

At Beckwith Electric, we believe that the essential Smart Grid application with the quickest payback for our customers is voltage reduction. By coordinating capacitor bank controls with regulator and LTC controls, a flatter voltage profile can be obtained across the entire distribution circuit. This enables greater levels of voltage and load reduction, either continuously or on command. On command voltage reduction reduces system peaks and the amount of reserve capacity required. This can delay the necessity for additional generating units. During emergency conditions, the utility can reduce load temporarily while procuring additional generation. Another benefit is the ability to use voltage reduction in lieu of starting up additional generating units when short-term demand overtakes online generation capacity. Long-term voltage reductions, performed regionally, can help extend the life of transformers and other equipment that would otherwise be forced to operate at full load capacity. This postpones the need for capital expenditures to upgrade transformers, distribution and transmission circuits, and construction of new substations and generating facilities.

Much of Beckwith’s success comes from listening to customer feedback and using that information to influence the design features of its products. Even with over 25 patents, our core principal continues to be “Products defined by you, refined by Beckwith.”

In 2020, the Hubbell Utility Solutions segment of Hubbell Incorporated closed on the acquisition of Beckwith Electric Co., Inc. Beckwith strategically fits within Hubbell Utility Solutions, filling a gap in the existing product portfolio and increasing capabilities in technology and quality manufacturing. Beckwith is the first to join a new business unit focused on Protection and Control in the utility segment.

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