M-2053 Adapter Panel

The M‑2053 is an adapter panel which permits M‑2001 Series Digital Tapchanger Controls to be surface‑mounted while providing access points for wire terminations.

  • Connects easily to the M‑2001 Series Digital Tapchanger Control using four mounting screws and 24‑pin connector
  • Provides mounting adaptable to several different configurations
  • Provides built‑in CT shorting protection when the M‑2001 Series Digital Tapchanger Control is removed


External connections are made to a terminal block located on the rear of the adapter panel.

Testing Specifications

High Voltage: All input and output terminals will withstand 1500 Vac rms to chassis or instrument ground for one minute with a leakage current not to exceed 25 mA, for all terminals to ground. Input and output circuits are electrically isolated from each other, from other circuits and from ground.

Surge Withstand Capability: All input and output circuits are protected against system transients. Units pass all requirements of ANSI/IEEE C.37.90.1‑1989 defining surge withstand capability.

Radiated Electromagnetic Withstand Capability: All units are protected against electromagnetic radiated interference from portable communications transceivers as outlined in ANSI/IEEE C37.90.2‑1987 defining radiated electromagnetic withstand capability.