M-2941 BecoEye+™ Handheld Field Communications Device

The M-2941 BecoEye+TM Handheld Infrared Field Communications Device communicates all M-2501/M-2501A/B Autodaptive® Capacitor Control operational commands, setting changes and data retrieval functions. The M-2941 includes an RS-232 serial data port and M-0423 Null Modem cable for uploading (19,200 bps) data records from Blinc’d capacitor controls to a host computer. The unit is powered by one (1) nine Volt battery. The unit also includes a separate 3 Volt Lithium battery (950 mAh) for SRAM backup.

  • Provides access to Beckwith Electric M-2501 series Capacitor Bank Controls
  • Download data storage of up to 130 Blinc records
  • Allows uploading of Status, Voltage and Switch data
  • Windows based Upload Utility allows Blinc records to be viewed on a PC


Instruction Book
Included in the M-2501B Instruction Book

M-2841 Communications Software