M-3908 Universal Contact Input Adapter

The M-3908 Universal Contact Input Adapter will convert seven internally wetted status inputs of Beckwith relays to be externally wetted. The input voltage is selectable: 250 V dc, 125 V dc, 48 V dc, 24 V dc or 12 V dc. This selection is made through a series of jumpers (Table 1) on the printed circuit board. Each of the externally wetted inputs will be isolated from all other externally wetted inputs. Input to Output is optically isolated.

  • Converts seven internally wetted contacts to be compatible with Beckwith M-34XX protective relays and M-4272 Motor Bus Transfer System contact inputs
  • Operates with 12 V to 250 V dc wetting voltages
  • Provides two input terminals per contact input
  • Input to Output is optically isolated