M‑2406 Recloser Control Adapter Chassis

Adapts M-7679 R-PAC to Retrofit Eaton Cooper Form 6 Controls for Use With 14 or 19‑Pin Eaton Cooper Nova Reclosers

  • Provides easy direct mechanical replacement of the Eaton Cooper Form 6 recloser control in the existing cabinet
  • Eliminates the need of expensive rewiring of I/O signals by interfacing with the existing electronics
  • Accepts the existing communications connection plugs for Serial TIA-232, TIA-485 Ethernet and IRIG-B
  • Includes an on-board Module that interfaces the M‑7679 R‑PAC with the power supply and battery charger installed in the existing cabinet

The M-2406 Adapter Chassis, combined with the M‑7679 R‑PAC, provides convenient direct replacement of the Eaton Cooper Form 6 Type F6-P2A and F6-P2B controls with serial numbers above 10,000 or beginning with CP57. The M-2406 is a direct retrofit chassis designed for a simple, quick exchange in the existing control cabinet. The M-2406 contains all necessary components to provide proper power and control for the Eaton Cooper Nova Recloser. Power and control functions utilize the existing wire harnesses. The M-2406 Adapter Chassis is mounted into the Eaton Cooper Form 6 control location using the existing hardware.


Retrofitting an Eaton Cooper Form 6 Recloser Control with an M-7679 R-PAC using an M-2406 Adapter Chassis