M‑2406 Recloser Control Adapter Chassis

Adapts M-7679 R-PAC to Retrofit Eaton Cooper Form 6 Controls for Use With 14 or 19‑Pin Eaton Cooper Nova Reclosers

  • Provides easy direct mechanical replacement of the Eaton Cooper Form 6 recloser control in the existing cabinet
  • Eliminates the need of expensive rewiring of I/O signals by interfacing with the existing electronics
  • Accepts the existing communications connection plugs for Serial TIA-232, TIA-485 Ethernet and IRIG-B
  • Includes an on-board Module that interfaces the M‑7679 R‑PAC with the power supply and battery charger installed in the existing cabinet

The M-2406 Adapter Chassis, combined with the M‑7679 R‑PAC, provides convenient direct replacement of the Eaton Cooper Form 6 Type F6-P2A and F6-P2B controls with serial numbers above 10,000 or beginning with CP57. Please contact Beckwith Electric for solutions to retrofit controls that are not listed here. The M-2406 is a direct retrofit chassis designed for a simple, quick exchange in the existing control cabinet. The M-2406 contains all necessary components to provide proper power and control for the Eaton Cooper Nova Recloser. Power and control functions utilize the existing wire harnesses. The M-2406 Adapter Chassis is mounted into the Eaton Cooper Form 6 control location using the existing hardware. The M‑2406 includes an Analog to Digital Interface Module to provide the following, via S‑7600 IPScom communications software:

  • Battery voltage monitor and power shutdown
  • Battery charging mode monitor
  • Battery load test (manual and automatic, based on schedule)
  • Battery shut down and wake up

Optional Intrusion Detection Kit B-1929 (requires extended I/O)
The optional Intrusion Detection Kit can be added to the Cooper Form 6 enclosure to allow a DNP point (Input 10 Status) to be monitored via SCADA. The kit is added to the enclosure using the existing mounting studs, and requires no special modifications. The kit consists of two Micro switches for the front and back door, two mounting brackets, four connection wires, and all necessary hardware.


  • Size with M‑7679 R‑PAC: 8.50″ high x 10.75″ wide x 7.84″ deep (21.59 cm x 27.31 cm x 19.91 cm)
  • Approximate Weight: 1 lb, 10 oz (0.75 kg)
  • Approximate Weight with M‑7679 R‑PAC: 6 lbs, 12 oz (3.06 kg)


Retrofitting an Eaton Cooper Form 6 Recloser Control with an M-7679 R-PAC using an M-2406 Adapter Chassis