M-3311A Transformer Protection (2, 3, or 4-Winding) Relay

Protect Transformers and Other Important Power System Apparatus.

  • For Transformers of All Sizes:
    • 2, 3 or 4 winding Transformers for Transmission and Distribution applications
    • Generator-Transformer Unit Overall Differential
    • Unit Protection of Other Electrical Apparatus and certain Bus Arrangements (including those with a transformer in the zone)
  • Additional Applications:
    • System Backup Protection
    • Load Shedding (voltage and frequency)
    • Bus Protection
    • Individual Breaker Failure Protection for each winding input
  • Available voltage configurations include zero, two or four voltage inputs
  • Ground Differential configurations include one, two or three current inputs
  • Optional Ethernet Connection and Expanded I/O
  • Optional Voltage Package includes:
    • 24 Volts/Hz Overexcitation
    • 27 Phase Undervoltage
    • 59G Ground Overvoltage
    • 81O/U Over/Under Frequency

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