M-2501B Autodaptive® Capacitor Control

Capacitor Control for Pole-Top Capacitor Banks.

  • Increases effectiveness of installed capacitors for voltage control to reduce system losses
  • Adapts reference voltage, bandwidth and switching time delay to changing conditions such as long-term load growth on distribution circuits and short-term variations in expected loads
  • When mated with a CAMP™ (Capacitor Automated Monitoring and Protection) interface module, the M-2501B provides remote control, monitoring and reporting features

The M‑2501B Autodaptive® Capacitor Control increases the effectiveness of installed distribution system ca‑ pacitor banks by controlling circuit voltage and reducing system losses due to VAr flow. The control monitors the average voltage at the point of installation, voltage changes caused by capacitor bank switching and the number of switch operations to effect optimum capacitor bank control considering local system conditions.

The control’s infrared communications feature allows local/monitoring through the M‑2501B’s infrared port. Also, when equipped with the Beckwith Electric M‑2980 CAMP™ (Capacitor Automated Monitoring and Protection) adapter, the M‑2501B provides wireless control, near real‑time system data, alarms and failure polling of remote capacitor banks to SCADA networks.

Control Operation

The control makes its switching decisions based on algorithms using time and voltage measurements. Set‑ table, upper and lower voltage limits and fixed voltage setpoint level may also be implemented. The control will not call for a switch operation which would cause the voltage to violate these voltage levels. If the site voltage drifts outside these settings, the control will act through the adaptable nonlinear timers to switch the bank if necessary. The control adapts to system source impedances by responding to small voltage changes near a substation and larger voltage changes near the end of the line.

Control Elements

  • Upper and Lower Voltage Levels for monitoring – Operational range is 98 to 132 V in increments of 1 V with a 6 V minimum between limits. Operation at voltage levels has a 10 second maximum time delay, subject to a 5 minute reclosing delay.
  • Fixed Voltage Setpoint – The fixed voltage setpoint can be set from 98.0 V to 132.0 V. When enabled, the M‑2501B will not adapt to a changing voltage profile, but will switch the capacitor bank around the fixed voltage setpoint, using an adaptive timer.
  • Upper and Lower Voltage Rails – Adaptable to ±5 % from the average voltage. Operation at voltage rails has a time delay of 1.0 second, subject to a 5‑minute reclosing delay. The Lower Voltage Rail helps to miti‑ gate voltage collapse.
  • Reference Voltage – Internally‑calculated voltage level adapted from average voltage level which is used for switching decisions, or may have a setpoint between 98 V and 132 V.
  • Desired Number of Operations – Seeks to maintain 1 to 2 open and close operations per day based on a weekly average.
  • Open and Close Contact Seal-In Durations – 15 seconds.
  • Non-Defeatable Reclosing Delay – 5 minutes after an open operation to allow for capacitor discharge.

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